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“Flickers” Addendum

17 Mar

by Rachel Newstead

Frame From Fractured Flickers, ©VCI Entertainment

Our weak-headed hero, Jack Headstrong. It's obvious where Jay Ward and company got the idea for the Bull winkle "Wossamotta U" segment. Image ©VCI Entertainment

Good news for fans of Jay Ward and Fractured Flickers: this morning I received permission from VCI Entertainment to post an entire sequence from the Fractured Flickers series. This segment, “Cornell Goes Wilde” is one of many I recorded with my trusty cassette recorder in those bygone years of the ’70s. It’s the story of Jack Headstrong, star football player for downtrodden Scrooge University (and all-around lunkhead) and his passion for…drop kicks, something he loves far more than he loves his fianceé, Rosa Picardy. Will Jack keep the team from going down in total humiliation during the big game? Will Rosa learn to love drop kicks? Since this is a Jay Ward program, you can probably guess the answer to those questions….


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